The Amateur Archeology Team Waterland, in Dutch “Archeologische Werkgroep Waterland”, is located in the old-dutch town Monnickendam, which is located on the borders of the IJsselmeer, the former Zuiderzee.

Our mission is to secure the disturbed soil archive (archeology) by means of observation, identification, restoration, conservation, archiving, publishing, managing, storing, exhibition and information of what is found in the soil of Waterland.

Besides this we want to publish and promote (the knowledge about) the archeological history of Monnickendam and Waterland.

Currently we are doing research about the first skippers (and furtraders) in the Hudson bay (Maurtius Rivier), near Manhattan (Nuyt Eiland) and the Connecticut River (The Versche Rivier) between 1609 and 1621. From this year the W.I.C. (West Indische Compagnie) was established.

Besides this research we start in 2018 with researcn about the first history of Zuiderwoude, a little village near Monnickendam in North-Holland. This research pin points on the first reclamation of Zuiderwoude (Suyderwou) and it’s maritime history.

Our team has it’s own workplace in Monnickendam where we store our archeological finds.